Online Fitness Trainer

Hari is certifited Professional Fitness trainer,he won Mr. tamilnadu in 2017.He has 8 years of rich experience in fitness field. He is trusted online fitness trainer, helping lot of clients using his experience and building a community in a social media by providing nutrition coaching,diet plan,thing to follow daytoday activities in seamless manner


Ever since I was a kid , i was always influenced heavily by the people around me. i always wanted to belong to the group just do what they did and be a part of the group.. Growing up, the mindset continued with me even in college. I never really had the chance to find who i was or what i wanted till i finished college. I just went with the herd,did what everyone did and life went on.. I was never truly satisfied with that life. it was devoid of meaning for me. Felt hollow.. The frustration piled up and i slowly started to fight back againt the peer pressure , relatives parents etc.I started doing things that i wanted to try,didn't matter if it had a future or not..


There was pressure at every single point,trying to pull me back.There were times when i wasnt sure of what i was doing or whether ill even have a decent career.. But as i kept doing the things i loved ,i started to cut out the chaff. The unwanted things. I cut out a lot of negative people, cut out a majority of the things that wasnt as important as my main goal.. I've sacrificed eating good food, being able to travel , missed tons of college tours and events , zero social life.All just to reach my goal in bodybuilding..

If you want to know how to get the body of your dreams